Search Engine Optimization For Local Businesses

Get Found Throughout Your Service Area.

Local SEO helps search engines understand where your business is located, how you can be contacted, and what your business does.

It can often be simple to get found in the immediate area your business is located in, especially with the help of your Google Business property (GMB) and some basic optimization. If you own a plumbing business and someone a mile down the road is searching for a “plumber near them” odds are high that your business will show in the map-pack area in the top 3 results since google works with proximity. Unfortunately the further potential customers are from your business, the less likely you’re to be found through your google listing and any clients further out than about 5-9 miles depending on niche and location, it’s near impossible. So how do you get customers from all of those other towns you service? This is where local SEO comes in.

With our local SEO strategies we have proven results that work time and time again. We optimize your website and create landing pages for each service you offer, in each town, city, or metro area your local service area business serves! Let’s use the same plumber example, but this works for ALL Service Area Businesses. Tree Service, Drywallers, Deck Builders, Landscapers, HVAC, Irrigation, Painters, and so much more. So how does it work?

Let’s say there is “A+ Plumbing” located in Charlottesville Virginia. This plumbing company covers a 30 mile area around their office. Within the area, there are 40 different towns. We create pages for 1 or each of your services for each of these towns. “Plumbing in Charlottesville” “Plumbing in Arrowhead” “Water Heater Repair Charlottesville” “Water Heater Repair Arrowhead” and so on, for all of your top services, in all of the cities and towns you service, at an affordable price. This will give your website the organic reach it needs to target other areas which we then can start working on ranking and getting them to the top of google if you choose to go with our local ranking services.

Local SEO Plans

Affordable Options

We are ready to develop and execute a targeted local SEO strategy that’s just right for your business. Our plans are priced by the amount of services you want to build landing pages for. A tree business may have “Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, & Stump Grinding” as their 3 services. If you’re unsure feel free to schedule a call and discuss your options with our local seo experts.