Google Entity Stack


What is Google Entity Stacking?

Also called Authority Stacks (Google Drive Stacks, RYS Stacks or Google Stacks SEO), is an SEO strategy taking advantage of the Google Properties to improve rankings and high authority status.

Our local authority entity stacks are one of our popular ninja strategies we use to not only power up your Google My Business listings, but also help you gain relelvance in your local niche and help push your listing and rankings up for local searches.

each one of our Google Entity Stacks are created by hand with our main focus on quality. We use original, optimized content especially created for your business all interlinked within the different google properties for you to leverage the trust and authority of google itself and allow that power to flow to your website. We then boost it up more with powerful backlinks pointing at different pages of your google site. This combination makes it a very powerful option for local seo and gives a buffer for any link building.

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What you get:

You will get a custom google sites website with seo embeds of your local properties as well as a public drive folder with 12 different entities including Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Slides, Google My Maps, and Google Drawings, all boosted by powerful high trust-flow backlinks

The Google (G) Entities Stack:
Google Public Folder
Google Document
Google PDFs
Google Slides
Google Forms
Google Sheets
Google Drawings
Google My Maps (Custom Map)
Google Drive Videos
Google Sites
Google Photos
Blogger*All pages are Fully Optimized Pages (carefully created & customized pages according to your instructions).


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